Plasma Technology

The SMART choice

Minimally Invasive

The reduced thermal impact is achieved through the relatively low working frequency (100Khz) and the thin plasma layer (50-100μm).


Intuitive and procedure-oriented system for optimal outcome: procedure-optimized electrodes, intelligent technology and special safety features.


Protects the surrounding tissues by reducing injury. The low temperatures ensure reduced pain after surgery.


The Effective and reliable control of bleeding enables great hemostasis and reduced operative time. Reduced hospital stay and readmissions, as well as short recovery time and reduced side effects.


The thin plasma layer empowers surgeons to cut precisely and reduces the risk of damaging surrounding tissue and removes only the target tissue.


The the Mechan product line is resistant and durable.

About Plasma

Plasma is one of the four fundamental states of matter and is created by applying energy to a gas. Molecules are ionized and this turns the gas into a plasma.

Due to its conductivity, plasma allows energy to cross at lower levels. This quality allows for lower operating temperatures and, therefore, reduced thermal spread. The targeted tissue is vaporized by a locally confined process, while the surrounding tissue heating effects are minor.

While most energy-based surgical products such as lasers and monopolar electrosurgical devices use heat-driven processes to remove or cut tissue, plasma technology generates a constant plasma field around the electrode tip to remove tissue at a low operating temperature.

  • Radiofrequency energy at low frequencies (100Khz) is delivered to the tip of bipolar Wand (active and return electrodes are in close proximity).
  • A conductive medium, such as saline solution, is delivered to the gap between the active and return electrodes.
  • The combination of the RF energy and the conductive medium creates a highly focused “plasma” field containing highly ionized particles.
  • The ionized particles have sufficient energy to break organic molecular bonds achieving tissue dissection (ablation).
  • Because the RF current does not pass directly through the tissue, with Plasma Technology, relatively low temperatures 40oC to 70oC) are generated as a by product of the process.

At the lower edge of the high frequency spectrum

Our generator operates on the lowest possible frequency (100 kHz) – where muscle and nerve stimulation seize and electrosurgery begins! Thus, Mechan’s is the only plasma generator that allows for prolonged stable plasma field (active plasma time), low operating temperatures (little or no thermal effect) and stunning visibility (little or no bubbles).

Working frequency 350-430 KHz

Working frequency 100 KHz